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Cooking 101-- College Student meets Good Eats

Over the summer I kept this food blog as "Cooking 101-- Summer 2011." Now that I'm back at school, I have to get a little more creative. The idea is "Good Eats"; I'm posting everything from what we make in our dorm kitchen, the dishes I make over class breaks (with recipes, of course), creative dining hall creations/combos (definitely can be challenging at times) to all the different food miracles I see when I'm out and about. This year I want to try and explore what more of the restaurants in the area around my college have to offer (that does require money though.. ) Usually I try to cook healthy (one of my favorite magazines is "EatingWell," which you are sure to see plenty of recipes come from,) but of course I appreciate and am willing to cook in the more traditional, less healthy style as well. I absolutely love a cooking challenge so please post me one if you would like, or if you have recommendations feel free to share-- just click the blue link below! Part of exploring the world and its culture is exploring its different types of cuisine; if you have anything to teach me about different cultural (food) traditions, please let me know!
Hope you enjoy!
Want to challenge me to cook a certain recipe? Post it! I'll let you know how it turns out!   What you've cooked